From DocEng in Munich to LIP6 in Paris

I guess that for all people involved, DocEng’09 was a success. Like last year, the conference was small — I think that we were 60 or 70 participants — but the quality of the works presented was high, and the scientific exchange was extremely interesting. In DocEng, you get to meet everyone individually, something which is unfeasible at large-scale conferences.

Thematically, the conference has a broad scope, centered around the representation, processing, analysis, storage and retrieval of documents. My main research topic concerns the retrieval of multimedia documents, and is somewhat at the fringe of the conference theme. Nevertheless, people seemed genuinely interested and I’ve got many useful insights and suggestions.

* * *

I have just arrived at Paris, where I will meet my former Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Matthieu Cord, among other colleagues. I intend to advance our research on high-dimensional multimedia indexing and large scale multimedia retrieval. I am also giving a talk about my current research pursuits at the ETIS labs, on Cergy-Pontoise, next Tuesday, September 22nd.

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Upcoming Talk: kNN Search and CBIR

I’ve been invited by Prof. Francisco Pelaez and Prof. Camila Barione of the Centre of Mathematics Computing and Cognition of the Federal University of ABC to give my talk on kNN Search and CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval).

I will discuss my past work, showing the three methods I’ve proposed during my thesis on high-dimensional multimedia indexing on large databases. But I also discuss some of my new research pursuits, related to the use of very discriminant local descriptors, like SIFT, on complex semantic queries, which require generalisation.

The talk, in Portuguese, will be on Tuesday May 26, at the Block B, room A801 of the Federal University of the ABC, which is located at the Rua Santa Adélia, 166, Santo André — SP, Brazil, CEP 09210-170. Their phone number is +55 11 4996-3166.

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Upcoming Talk: Three New Methods for kNN Search

Prof. Ricardo Torres has invited me to the Institute of Computing of the State University of Campinas, where I am giving a talk on the work I’ve done on my thesis. I will explore the challenges of kNN search (also known as k nearest neighbours search, or simply similarity search) and discuss the three original methods I’ve proposed: the 3-way trees, which are based on the traditional KD-Tree with the addition of redundant overlapping nodes; the projection KD-Forests, my first attempt of using an index composed of multiple moderate-dimensional sub-indexes; and finally the Multicurves, an index based on the use of multiple moderate-dimensional space-filling curves, which has several nice properties like ease of implementation, dynamicity (tolerance to insertions and deletions without performance degradation) and avoidance of random accesses (thus making secondary-memory implementation easier).

The talk will be in Portuguese.