Android Smart Girls — Finishing Line !

Yesterday, the project Android Smart Girls crossed the finishing line, with an amazing prize award ceremony. As you might remember, this was the pilot for an extra-curricular computer programming activity for high school girls. On its first phase, the girls had classes on the MIT App Inventor ; on the second phase, they proposed and implemented their own apps with the help of mentors.

The project was an initiative of Prof. Juliana Borin (Institute of Computing / UNICAMP), the girls from IEEE Women in Engineering South Brazil, and IEEE WIE founder (now at SAMSUNG Research Brazil) Dr. Vanessa Testoni, in cooperation with Hilton Federici State High School, at Campinas, and many, many, many wonderful, generous volunteers. The project was supported by SAMSUNG and by a grant from CNPq.

The project leaders, project contributors, and I are working to document the initiative into an open courseware that make possible to reproduce it in other schools throughout Brazil. The project leaders and I also want to ensure that all the many contributors to the project — from Hilton Federici High, from IEEE WIE, from UNICAMP, from SAMSUNG — get their work acknowledged.

Stay tuned !

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Dr. Sandra Avila, mentor of the winning team, is my former Ph.D. student, and current postdoc. Ms. Nadja Ramos, the other mentor, is doing her capstone undergraduate project under my supervision (her capstone project, incidentally, is directly related to the Smart Girls initiative). Needless to say, I was proud as a peacock.

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