We can’t tell you just yet…

(This entry is cross-posted from my lab’s blog.)

Anyone who’s ever worked in the frontier between Science and Innovation has faced the dilemma of secrecy versus disclosure : the scientific spirit demands full publication of every implementation detail — a result that cannot be reproduced is not a result — but when you are seeking intellectual property rights, you are often forced to withhold some details until you’ve got that patent.

We have faced that quandary during our participation in MediaEval’s Violence Detection task : the Scientist in us wanted to just tell everything. But the research project that resulted in our participation in that competition is not just a scientific project, it is also about innovation, in partnership with Samsung Research Institute Brazil. As such, some details had to remain concealed, much to the frustration of everyone’s curiosity.

Fortunately, the task organizers took it in stride :


…that good-natured ribbing got everyone laughing at the task closing meeting !

We are sorry for the teasing, guys. We promise we will tell you everything soon… just not yet.

(Kudos to Mats and Martha for their good humor !)

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