Associate director of undergraduate studies

For the next few months I’ll be occupying the position of associate director of undergraduate studies of the Computer Engineering course, left by Prof. Ivan Ricarte, who got his full professorship at another academic unit of UNICAMP. Currently, the director is Prof. Helio Pedrini of the Institute of Computing. Prof. Akebo Yamakami has kindly accepted to be my “vice-associate”, an informal position that exists due to the direction being shared between two academic units. This is good news, because I’m a rookie in what concerns academic administration, while Prof.  Yamakami has been involved in undergraduate studies direction since… forever. His experience will be inestimable.

I was appointed by the Electrical and Computer Engineering School steering committee in an indirect election, for a provisional mandate. Next June, the entire electoral college (faculty, staff and students) will vote for the next director here at FEEC, and for the next associate director at Institute of Computing, since the positions switch between the two units at the end of the mandates.  (I know, I know — it’s complicated — but you get used to the idiosyncrasies of Brazilian public administration after a while…)

I thank my colleagues of the steering committee for their trust.

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