Talk at DCC, Universidad de Chile on Locality-Sensitive Hashing

My colleague Prof. Benjamin Bustos was kind enough to invite me for two weeks to collaborate with him and his students. In the context of that cooperation, I’ll be giving a talk at the Department of Computer Sciences, Universidad de Chile on recent advances of Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH), “Advances on Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Large-Scale Indexing on General Metric Spaces”. Among other things, I’ll be talking on recent works of my group on the topic.

Here’s the abstract :

Performance (recall vs time) of a few  LSH techniques for general metric spaces

Locality-senstive hashing, (LSH) initially available only for Hamming, Jacquard, Manhattan and Euclidean spaces, is now competitive for general metric spaces.

Locality-Sensitive Hashing is a family of techniques for similarity search that gained much attention in the literature both for its beautiful formalism and for its ability to perform well in systems where the cost of access to the data is uniform. However, traditional LSH poses the challenge of deducing a completely new family of locality-sensitive hashing functions, which is unique for each distance function. Recently, researchers have proposes works that greatly extend the applicability of LSH, both by creating locality-sensitive functions that work for generic metric spaces, and by redesigning the algorithm to work in distributed-memory systems, whose cost of access to the data is not uniform (NUMA). In this talk, I’ll introduce LSH formalism, and then focus on those recent advances.

The talk will be given in English, while the discussions will be in both English and Spanish.

When : Thursday, September 11, at 14h00 15h00.

Where : Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación, Universidad de Chile. Av. Beauchef, 851, Santiago, Chile, 837-0456.

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