New packaging ! Same content ! Same great price !

Choosing WordPress themes is worse than buying a new car. I love the clean austerity of TwentyTen, but for quite a while I have been finding it a little tired. It is twenty fourteen, after all !

Meanwhile, I must have examined dozens of themes only to find each one lacking in some aspect : layout, typography, navigation, color scheme, etc., etc.

Now there is Syntax. It has a clean design, marvelous navigation, beautiful typography, intelligent layout. And it is free !

Now, two little blemishes. First : I hate the underlining, and I would much prefer color decoration for the hyperlinks. But this is a problem from which TwentyTen already suffered. Second : The font is a tad too big for my tastes, especially when reading on a phone. It is true that it makes reading much easier, especially on my poor 35+ year old eyes. But forget about getting a large chunk of text at once on that small screen.

I’d really appreciate some feedback here. What do you think ? Do you love it ? Do you hate it ? Is the huge-ass font a deal-breaker ? Please, let-me know.

Update 12/02 : A few hours and a little money later I’ve solved (I think) all problems : a little CSS magic got rid of the underlines, and a font customization got me a reasonably sized Minion Pro on the body text (30 bucks a year for both). I’ve also re-enabled the mobile view, which is friendlier for the really itsy bitsy screens (but as far as beauty goes, is a train wreck on Android — hair raising horrible).

Must. Stop. Designing. Must. Go. Sleep. (I blame my colleagues at RECOD. They’ve asked me to design a new logo for — well, I am not allowed to tell you at this point. Typography is a drug, kids, just say no to kerning. This is your brain on Helvetica.)

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