Are we witnessing the death of the Net ?

Experience shows that users put little value upon privacy, and are always willing to trade it for convenience.

But the same might not be true for corporations, when billions of dollars in trade and industrial secrets are at stake. Breaking news suggest that the NSA might be spying on Brazilian oil company Petrobras. Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has said that, if proven, that act would be tantamount to industrial espionage and have no security justification.

The breadth of NSA surveillance is largely a matter of speculation, but its legitimacy is becoming more and more indefensible. And the worst might yet be to come,  since Snowden is expected to reveal much damaging information in the next weeks.

Is it possible that at some point, Big Corp will decide to jump out of  good old democratic and chaotic TCP/IP altogether, and move to the safer (?) waters of proprietary communication protocols ? I’m curious.

* * *

I am in San Francisco right now, looking forward to the opening of Intel Developer Forum 2013 tomorrow. I thank Mr. Rubem Saldanha, Manager of Education of Intel in Brazil, for this opportunity, and I thank Intel for generously covering the expenses of this trip.

* * *

The conference has an important track on Security through Architecture (protections to prevent buffer overrun attacks, among others). Those are critical security issues to prevent being attacked from rogue agents, like black hat hackers. I wonder, on the other hand, if corporate consumers will make any pressure to the industry in order to get a modicum of protection against rogue… government programs.

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