Talking Cricket

It’s clear that we face today some pretty big challenges  : Global Warming, the Abuses of Financial Market, Government Corruption, Iterated Violations of Human Rights. Challenges with Capital Letters.

Maybe their complexity is why we are Failing So Miserably in Addressing Them, but I wonder if technology could play a role, either helping us to tap the collective intelligence in order to do better, either aggravating the problem by deflecting our attention from the real questions.

If the Internet is our hive mind, it is in dire need of a collective conscience: a self-organized Talking Cricket, able to wake up our moral selves. Funny pictures of cats are great, as are leisure and comfort, but it is worrisome when almost 100% of our personal information investment may be described as “distraction”.

It is interesting to ask ourselves from what exactly we are being distracted, and who is being served by our diversions.


One thought on “Talking Cricket

  1. Você é positivista demais cebola. achando que a tecnologia resolve coisas… Com o que temos hoje não precisaríamos ter fome, nem miséria nem nada disso. A revolução verde fez aumentar a produção agrícola, mas não melhorou a distribuição da riqueza.

    Lembra daqueles prognósticos de que com a computação ia ter-se teletrabalho > no local, 3 hs por dia de trabalho e por aí vai? Temos toda a tecnologia, mas é a questão do final. Está servindo a quem?

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