Goodbye, Google+

When Google+ started, I had the feeling it could become the social network for “the rest of us”, who don’t have a Facebook account for a reason. Those of us who want to share ideas, interesting stuff, without flinging open our personal lives online, without bothering our friends with endless invites to play some silly minigame.

It seems though, that just as the service starts to get critical mass, Google has decided to make it “Orkut 2.0”, i.e., to turn it into yet another classical social network. Thanks but, no, thanks.

While the service was becoming slowly but progressively intrusive the latest months, I was under the impression that it was just bothering me, and that if I was careful enough with all the “new terms of service”, and “discover new features”, and “new settings” screens, I could keep enjoying it. But then my sister came to me and said:

“— Could you just stop sending me those Google+ invites? It’s annoying.”

“— Say what ?!”

I found out that for weeks Google+ has been sending her e-mails every other day, telling her how much I want to keep in touch with her, and how much she is missing out on my updates by not joining the service. In my name. This, of course, is a huge breach of trust, and I don’t think I’ve overreacted by deleting my profile immediately. Call it ragequit, if you want, but it’s over.

If you have a Google+ account, ask around : you might be, unknowingly, annoying friends, family — or worse — colleagues, and clients. If you had the same experience as me, I’d love to hear from you. I’d be reassured to know I wasn’t victim of a freaky bug or something.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Google+

  1. With this and Apple causing you problems, it is time to start reconsidering the Microsoft solutions… Just contact me and I’ll send you a Win8 package. A Win8 in a MacBook Pro with SSD is likely the best possible hardware/software combination today,

    • No — but then again it’s been a short while that I’ve been without Google+ — I’ll let you know if I get any message.

      Then again I might have been victim of a freaky bug (but I’ve seen the messages myself in my sister’s computer — she wasn’t dreaming).

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