Apple Blues

I don’t know what is happening. Maybe the ghost of Steve Jobs is haunting my devices. Or maybe Apple devices only work as supposed for the fervent believers. The fact is that both my iPhone 4S and my MacBook Pro (13″, circa 2010) took a nasty turn South since the last software update.

Both are experiencing network issues. The iPhone is often on Edge, when everyone around in on 3G. Turning it off and on, or turning 3G off and on in Preferences sometimes solves the problem. The MacBook is having issues with WiFi access, the nasty “!” now appears often over the menu bar icon — again rebooting the device usually solves the problem.

But the MacBook Pro is being the most infuriating. The rainbow wheel of hell has decided to test my patience, appearing even after seemingly innocent actions (changing fields in a web form, for example). Only a month ago, I have reinstalled OS X in this machine from scratch because it had become too slow, so the reappearance of this problem after such a short interval is being particularly annoying.

The main problem, I guess, is psychological. Whenever my Apple devices start to act, I can’t avoid feeling cheated. I have payed a premium to have something that works smoothly, out of the box. If I am to Google for solutions every other Wednesday, and spend 3 hours hacking configuration files, I might as well switch to a cheaper — and more open — platform.

(Erratum 17/2: I have also blamed an autocorrect bug on the new iOS updated, but it seems that it only occurs in Safari, and then only in a few sites, so I have been hasty in my anger.)

One thought on “Apple Blues

  1. I think you deserve what you are getting. I bought the MacAirBook and I think it is hell on Earth. But I deserved, bought for the looks and not the inside. The Mac Windows system is terrible, so little options and configuration, and it is not buried somewhere the settings, they simply don’t exist so you have to like the way it is .

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