Buy me ! Upgrade me ! Register me !

It had happened just once before, but now that Parallels (the virtual environment of choice for Mac users) has launched its version 7, trying to use it is a constant source of irritation. Every other time I open the application, I am greeted with a huge colorful popup ad prompting me to upgrade. The “do not show me this again” checkbox is basically useless. I asked it politely to refrain from soliciting, to no avail.

I remember when shareware was a novel concept, and I used to download it by the dozens : nagging screens were part of the deal, something to be expected until you paid for a registered version. Since when those “features” have become cricket for bought wares ?

After wondering if I should open a support ticket, I’ve just reported the pestering behavior as a bug. Lets see if the development team will agree.

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