In a Flash

What is happening to the Firefox Flash plugin, those days ? The critter has created a life of its own. Nowadays, it’s always the same story: I am minding my own business, and all of the sudden the CPU fans start to spin, the computer gets warm, the battery starts to drain noticeably faster. I don’t bother anymore to check the processes list: the culprit is always the same.

This has lasted for the last few months, so it’s not just a rotten update: it’s a whole series of rotten updates. It has become so serious that before I found the problem I considered abandoning Firefox altogether. Nowadays I just keep Flash disabled, except when absolutely needed.

Interestingly, living without Flash has been much less nightmarish than I anticipated. Half of the time, even embedded YouTube videos will play (once you sign up for the HTML5 beta). Often, the only thing lost are the more aggressive forms of advertisement. (To which I say good riddance, of course.)

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