For better and for worse

Apparently the new Xcode has broken MacPorts so completely the thing is now essentially useless.

More and more, for better and for worse, MacOS is the new Windows.

3 thoughts on “For better and for worse

  1. What?! To this date we cannot add anything to Windows without making all the applications that worked in Windows XP supported. Now, try to run an application that was released for the Mac by the time Windows XP was released in the latest OS X and let me know the results…

    • I am too new to the MacOS game… but yes, maybe this is the secret of why it does work so flawless (when it does work at all !) : the operating conditions are very controlled and they start anew every 2 years or so. This makes the whole framework very problematic for long-term projects, I suspect (but oh, so wonderful to be used as an “appliance”).

  2. I ran into this problem as well, and the only thing I do to fix it was to remove all ports on my system, uninstall XCode, downgrade to XCode 3, reinstall macports, then reinstall all of my ports. I think alcohol might actually help with this process.

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