My notebook unexpectedly broke, prompting me to look for another. A choice not to make lightly, since one’s notebook is one’s co-brain. I made a lot of research and, after some hesitation, narrowed the list to two or three possibilities. But it seems that people are not particularly interested in selling stuff nowadays:

  1. After fighting the usability nightmare of Shop1’s website, I’ve managed to complete an order. Only to be greeted by an uninformative e-mail on payment authorization, asking me to call them. That phone number, of course, is always busy.
  2. With Shop2, it was more straightforward: I had to call them, since they lack e-commerce for Higher Education customers. That phone, of course, was not available at the time I could call (late afternoon). But due to the epic failure of Shop1, I’ve re-considered them. They can send me the machine. Within 10 days.
  3. Shop3 has an e-commerce website, in addition to several physical shops in my town. The website shipping wait is awful, but maybe one of the physical shops has the product in stock, who knows ? Well, I don’t know who knows, because none of the many company websites will tell you. And I’ve tried calling 5 different phone numbers to no avail.

Aren’t “bad economy”  times supposed to make people desperate to sell?

2 thoughts on “e-UnCommerce

  1. Hey, it’s good to see you back to work. 🙂
    Boy, I’m sorry to say, but you’re quite unlucky… I buy “a lot” from the net, from both Brazil and US, and I rarely have a problem. I’m now wondering which stores are these… to get rid of them, of course!

    • I know ! This story is getting ridiculous. Finally, after everything failed, I retried Shop1 again
      (this time I bypassed their website and called their phone number directly), asking to pay by bank invoice instead of credit card. You won’t believe it, but this plan didn’t work out either, because I couldn’t pay the invoice because now the bank website didn’t quite work ! I had to physically go to the bank to pay the invoice, and now I am praying that the computer will arrive sometime this week…

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