Upcoming Talk: High-Dimensional Indexing and CBIR

I’m giving a talk on the workshop organised by the Digital Image Processing Centre — NPDI for the French-Brazilian project CAPES-COFECUB on Interactive and Content-Based Multimedia Information Analysis for Digital Video Applications.

My talk, entitled “Indexing High-Dimensional Data – Application to CBIR” explores my recent work on multimedia indexing, k nearest neighbours search (kNN search) and image identification.  Here’s the abstract:

“The troubles of multimedia information retrieval start at its most elementary operation: matching the high-dimensional feature vectors used to describe the data. In this talk, we will discuss how recent innovative methods are taming the infamous ‘curse of dimensionality’ and how they can be used in CBIR. The author will discuss his recent contributions to the advance of the state-of-art and his current research endeavours.”

My talk will be on Wednesday, April 8, at 14h30. It will take place at the UFMG Pampulha Campus, on the ICEx building, in room 2077. Registration to the workshop is free.

EDIT 14/4: The presentation, with narrative is available on my (brand new) talks and courses page.

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