End of Winter Break

After the break, back-to-work under the snow in one of the harsher European winters seen of recent.

I am glad that I’ve got my seasonal flu before the break, since I have so much work to finish before coming back to Brazil in January 30. I intend to submit soon a journal article about multicurves (my high-dimensional indexing method based on space-filling curves), and I have some other results which I would like to submit to one of the conferences in the “first wave of deadlines” (ICDAR, January 22; ICIP, January 30; ACM KDD, February 2). And, of course, I have to accomplish my final role on the EROS 3D project, preparing the end-of-project report to be submitted later this semester.

Interestingly, an unusual lot of Brazilian colleagues have chosen to spend their Summer break in Europe (thus exchanging heat waves and tropical storms for snow and glacial winds), including two former teachers and two former classmates.  This unusual density of temporary “exilés” has been fortunate, in the sense that it gives the opportunity of many encounters, discussions, and… future cooperation!

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