Fully Operational

Finally my personal website has reached a state that I can call “fully operational”: all links seem to be working, and there is enough content to make it useful to its purposes. I must confess that working it up to this state was much more laborious than I had anticipated. Perhaps some “prêt-à-porter” content-management solution (like Plone, or some wiki-like structure) would had made my life easier — but finally I’ve decided that the learning curve would not pay the benefits on such a simple website, at least for now.

But I am using Plone for the EROS 3D project (which I am helping to “wrap up”) website , and I find it interesting as a solution. I know that several French labs use it to manage the contents of their institutional webpages, including my host lab.

Anyway this was about my non-Plone, non-Wiki, but ready to shine homepage. I have tested most links, and also the scripts and redirections in recent versions of both Firefox and IE. Should you experience any glitches, I would be thankful if you’d let me know.

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