Paper on ICIP ’07

My Ph.D. co-supervisor, Prof. Matthieu Cord, has presented our paper “3-way Trees: A Similarity Search Method for High-Dimensional Descriptor Matching” in the 14th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing — ICIP 2007 . This paper was about the eponymous 3-way trees, the first original method proposed in my Ph.D. work for the indexing of high-dimensional multimedia descriptors.

Here is the abstract: “In this paper we look into the problem of high-dimensional local descriptor matching for image identification on cultural databases, presenting an important improvement over a classic method, the KD-Tree. Our method, the 3-Way Tree, uses redundant, overlapping sub-trees, in order to avoid the boundary effects that disrupt the KD-Tree in higher dimensionalities, achieving more precision for the same querying times.”

The fulltext can be found in my publications page.

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